Sunday, 21 May 2017


Hellooooooo, I'm back with a little skincare post for you all

After seeing alot of raving about Origins products all over social media I just HAD to get some for myself to try out. 

I thought why not get some products for what I thought my most problem areas are - dry patches on my cheek area and dark under eye circles that I hate ever so much. 

- Origins GinZing refreshing eye cream

 Got to say it does what it says on the tub, brightens and depuffs. I've definitely felt from using this in the mornings my eyes have been a lot brighter and refreshed. Sometimes because of my work pattern I have to mix it up and use this as part of my night time routine, and I've found dark under eye circles although not gone have been a little lighter in the way they look. 
I do find the texture of the cream quite thick and it does look like a shiny film for a little while if you use it just on its own - which I don't see as a problem as always use a moisturiser afterwards which blends and works well.

- Origins A Perfect World Antioxident Moisturizer with White Tea
This stuff smells INCREDIBLE, I absolutely love it!! I can't describe it that well, sort of a tangeriney, sugary, sweet smell haha I don't know! But its amazing.
The texture is lovely, not to thick and not to light. My skin really soaks it in well and feels really soft, hydrated, lovely and refreshed afterwards. It certainly looks and feels healthier.  Even the dry patches on my cheeks is under control which is a plus.
 Although I find it don't use this or something on it regularly it does come back but whack a little of this on overnight and its gone! Putting on my makeup has become easier to and looks alot better now my skin is properly hydrated. 

As you can tell - this is definitely my favourite out of the two and will 100% be repurchased, but are both part of my daily skincare routine now

Have you tried these Origins bits? or any other products you recommend?
I'm itching to try something else


Sunday, 14 May 2017


Hey All, how are you?😀

Sometimes, its nce to find yourself a quiet setting to just relax in. If you have me on instagram ( which if you don't, you totally should btw😃 _gracie92 ) you would of seen I posted a few of these photos the other day.
I took a couple of hours out to go and enjoy the lovely sunshine we was having, have some quiet time and spend some quality time with my little one. We had a lovely walk around these garden by Nottingham Victoria Embankment, not entirely sure on there name. I really love it here, its so peaceful, still and calming - gives your mind chance to relax. Alex enjoyed it too, having a gander at all the different trees and surroundings. The water feature was his favourite, such a shame the fountains weren't on though to make it more magical. I love the sound of water fountains- bliss!
 I'll be honest though, of course he had way more fun on the visit to the park afterwards haha.
As part of Mental Health Awareness week I'd like to stress the importance I find in having to have a quiet moment or a nice place to visit (not necessarily the gorgeous holiday we all dream of) just to recharge for  little, collate your thoughts and enjoy the surroundings... its weird I like this place as I'm actually not a huge nature lover. Maybe thats changing? 

I had to have this moment, as I was over-excited and was also overly stressed at the same time and taking the time out to not think about those things for a little did a world of good! I felt ready to get my organising non jumbled thinking cap on afterwards for the exciting things that are about to happen soon!

We even saw a squirrel! Which as I got my camera out ran further and further up the tree, so I arrowed it to help you out haha 

And of course, had ICE CREAM!

do you have a nice quiet place you like to visit?