Sunday, 28 May 2017


In less than 2 weeks I will have the keys to our new home in my hands... WOOPWOOP!

Yeah thats right, I have the best news, we're moving :)
Not city or countries yet | just home but I can't tell you how ready we are for this change, I've been dreaming of this moment for years now haha and its FINALLY happening.
Of course, I've tried to move before but it just wasn't the right time, the right house - just didn't feel right.

Now, don't get me wrong we have had some amazing memories in our current home thats makes me a little sad to leave, a few tears may even be shed as the place starts emptying out haha.
 It was my first house out of the parents home, most importantly and my favourite moment is it was Alex's first family home that we brought him back from the hospital too and watching him grow and learn in his early years. The changes in decoration and accessories because I can never make my mind up on what colour scheme I like haha. I really will miss not being so close to our local town centre and the beautiful embankment for a sunny days walk and adventure but of course we can travel easily to these, so it isn't bad at all. Plus we have more places to go and explore!

But, by far we have outgrown this house, it just doesn't work for our lifestyle anymore and its time to change.
Ready for a fresh start!
I literally jumped for joy and screamed like a lunatic when found out the place was ours - it was the craziest happiest moment I've had in such a long time.
I took Alex to see it for the first time yesterday so he could put a picture to the subject when I talk about it. I think he likes it! He had a good run around and a play of hide-and-seek...bless him. He has since told me how to get there and that he 'loves the new house' haha

Because its all new starts and all that, I made the conscious decision to be out with the old and in with the new so to speak of house items as I'm not keen on anything I have now anymore if I'm honest (cry laughing emoji) I have a completely different idea of how I want it to look.
What a better time to change everything though? Saves taking items apart, putting them back together to then get rid - just a waste of time in my eyes haha

The only thing I'm finding tough at the moment is the unorganised boxy mess and living out of boxes at the moment and knowing everything doesn't have a proper place as things start being sold, given to charity or family and friends. I'm aiming for it to be a quick, smooth moving process with not much upheaval so we can enjoy our new home straight away and enjoy a nice cuppa or milk in Alex's case with the sun gazing in through the windows in the summer mornings.

It might not be the most photo-ready home but its something that I want make our safe haven, a place to be ourselves and put all our worries to rest and be a million times better than what we have now. As there is so much more space in our new home I can't wait to see what I can do with it. I already have some visions on where and how I want everything to be.

I also can't stop looking around at all the little accessories I can fill the house with, tea towels, door mats, cutlery etc haha it consumes so much time but so fun, if anyone knows where I could get a nice fruit bowl from - let me know in the comments? :)

ps- christmas in a new home... so so exciting! Did someone just mention the C word?

So look for the selfie backgrounds changing and new things popping up, I can't wait to share it with all with you,  when I've found the right light spots haha

Bring on happy changes, heres to the future, I'm so happy - onwards and upwards


Sunday, 21 May 2017


Hellooooooo, I'm back with a little skincare post for you all

After seeing alot of raving about Origins products all over social media I just HAD to get some for myself to try out. 

I thought why not get some products for what I thought my most problem areas are - dry patches on my cheek area and dark under eye circles that I hate ever so much. 

- Origins GinZing refreshing eye cream

 Got to say it does what it says on the tub, brightens and depuffs. I've definitely felt from using this in the mornings my eyes have been a lot brighter and refreshed. Sometimes because of my work pattern I have to mix it up and use this as part of my night time routine, and I've found dark under eye circles although not gone have been a little lighter in the way they look. 
I do find the texture of the cream quite thick and it does look like a shiny film for a little while if you use it just on its own - which I don't see as a problem as always use a moisturiser afterwards which blends and works well.

- Origins A Perfect World Antioxident Moisturizer with White Tea
This stuff smells INCREDIBLE, I absolutely love it!! I can't describe it that well, sort of a tangeriney, sugary, sweet smell haha I don't know! But its amazing.
The texture is lovely, not to thick and not to light. My skin really soaks it in well and feels really soft, hydrated, lovely and refreshed afterwards. It certainly looks and feels healthier.  Even the dry patches on my cheeks is under control which is a plus.
 Although I find it don't use this or something on it regularly it does come back but whack a little of this on overnight and its gone! Putting on my makeup has become easier to and looks alot better now my skin is properly hydrated. 

As you can tell - this is definitely my favourite out of the two and will 100% be repurchased, but are both part of my daily skincare routine now

Have you tried these Origins bits? or any other products you recommend?
I'm itching to try something else